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How to play video poker?

Is poker something you’re crazy about? Perhaps you’re already a smart and savvy player and now you’re considering making some money out of it. A game with live opponents can be quite lucrative, but so can the poker video option. Read on as we reveal the benefits of playing on a video poker machine.

The Video poker machine at casinos

Are you wondering about how to play video poker? It’s obviously a bit different to the standard casino game where players sit at a round table and you can see your opponents, their gestures and body language. The poker video option is more than just a slot machine (as some may think). Many carefully thought out strategies need to be used and there’s still a lot of mathematics behind the game. Each decision that is made in the game is important and makes an impact on the gameplay and results. Sitting at the video poker machine does not detract in away from the overall atmosphere of a casino. You still have the opportunity to make new friends and talk with other players sitting nearby. One drawback of the poker video option is that you might end up spending a lot of your winnings on food and drinks at the casino, which can be quite costly. You might also get easily perturbed by what is happening around you, from cigarette smoke to people standing behind you and watching you play.

Video poker machine: online version

There is another way of earning money and not having to head over to the casino. Why not learn how to play video poker by jumping online? It might not be as exciting as a game of poker at the casino as you won’t be able to see other players’ reactions and body language and there won’t be any fuss about keeping a poker face. But on the flip side, you won’t have anyone bothering you when you play the online poker video option at home and you’ll have a better chance to focus on your game. Another great advantage is that you won’t spend any cash on getting to the casino or on snacks. You’ll have the flexibility of choosing to play whenever – and wherever – you want. Once you get good at playing video poker, you can try playing multiple games at once which will add more fun and excitement to the game, and you will also practice your concentration skills.

The big fish in the poker world

It’s without a doubt that the largest poker win was raked in at the most famous tournament, World Series of Poker. Millions of dollars come into play during these tournaments but in fact, the best win was made at The Big One for One Drop side charity event where almost 19 million dollars was won by Antonio Esfandiari in 2012. Another unbelievable record is Daniel Negreanu’s total prize winnings which amount to a staggering $36 965 609.  Both Antonio and Daniel also enjoy the poker video option from time to time, apart from the real game played at the table. If you want to head to a video poker machine or play it online, brace yourself for not only winning, but also losing at times. Gus Hansen from Denmark tops it off when it comes to losses, with him being down $20 million in total over the course of his career.

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